Taking My Body Back after Infertility- Essential Oils as Self Care

The internet is chock-full of articles espousing the amazing benefits of Essential Oils these days.  Everywhere I look (especially on Pinterest!) I see great suggestions on how to use oils to support your hormones, strengthen your immune system, enhance mental clarity, promote a restful night’s sleep, increase overall wellness, etc, etc…, the list goes on and on. I love these articles and I have learned so much about the many different uses of oils and how beneficial they truly can be for my health.

So, I started using them little by little in the ways suggested by these articles and I quickly saw the difference it made.  They actually worked!!! This inspired me to reach out to a friend that I knew uses and sells oils and after some conversation (and wine, of course) I decided to become a Wellness Advocate for doTerra so I could experience more oils for myself and help others learn about them.  I also started to try using the oils in new, creative ways (always keeping an emphasis on safe usage, of course!).  I began by adding a few drops of Lavender and Frankencence EO’s to some inexpensive, store-bought body oil.  It’s an oil that already contained some Lavender and epsom salt, but the oils I added helped deepen the moisturizing benefits to my skin and imparted a sense of relaxation when used at bedtime.

You are probably thinking, ‘Ok, big deal.  You slopped some body oil on, what do you want a medal?’ Well for me this is a big deal (hear me out). Over the last few years I have not been taking very good care of my body.  My husband and I went through a grueling period of multiple failed rounds of IVF and infertility treatments and ended up having to accept moving forward as a child-free couple. As many women who have been through IVF know it’s not only an emotional rollercoaster, it’s absolute hell on your body.  I had already been struggling with my body image (for so long I felt as if it had failed me because I am infertile) and then the cherry on top of that was my 30 lb weight gain.  The weight wasn’t caused exclusively by the hormones, much of it got packed on because I just didn’t like myself enough to care about eating well or exercising anymore.  I didn’t even want to THINK about my body, and I certainly didn’t want to look at it or take the time to care for it by applying lotion or moisturizer.

Discovering Essential Oils and specifically doTerra has really brought about a change in the way I am viewing my body lately.  I am taking time every morning and evening to apply oil to my body to moisturize and increase elasticity in my skin.  I research which oils treat different issues on certain parts of my body and I apply them (with carrier oils) topically to that area or on the bottoms of my feet.  Using reflexology points on your feet is a great way for the oils to bypass the liver and go right to work on the target area if done with the correct amount of pressure or massage. When I apply the oils my hands are touching my body, even the parts that I am still not happy with.  For me it feels like an intimate form of self-care, one that has been a long time coming and is helping me accept and love who I am and what I look like, right now in this moment.

Who knew such a major breakthrough could come from something as simple as Essential Oils?


If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of Essential Oils and how they can enhance your life and protect your families health, you can contact me at: joeylw75@gmail.com

or visit my website to purchase oils for your own self care!




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