I am a Wife, Dog Mom and Wellness Advocate for doTerra Essential Oils.  I am also an Infertility Survivor.

After 3+ years of unsuccessful infertility treatments, including 2 rounds of IVF, my husband and I did not get the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  We unfortunately do not have children, but fortunately for us we have each other!  I am so blessed to be part of a loving family and I am learning to focus on all of the positives that this “Plan B” life offers.

Essential Oils have fast become an amazing tool in my toolbox for treating my depression and anxiety after infertility.  Also, as most people who have been through IVF know, it takes your hormones on quite the roller-coaster ride.  Oils are great for supporting optimal hormone function.  It has also given me a passion and a pastime to focus on and for that I am truly grateful.  doTerra Oils are of the highest quality and smell wonderful.  I believe in the thoughtful and safe use of these oils and I want to help others experience their benefits.

This site is a little bit of blogging, a little bit of sharing, a little bit of “oiling” and a LOT of faith.  Thanks for joining me!